Results: Progress Chapter 47- Complicated Simplicity- British Strong Style vs Ringkampf

The Elecrtic Ballroom- Camden, London-

If any member of Ringkampf pins the World Champion, they become Champion or if one of them pins a Tag Team Champion they become Champions and get to pick their partner
British String Style (PROGRESS World Champion, Pete Dunne & PROGRESS Tag Team Champions, Trent Seven & WWE United Kingdom Champion, Tyler Bate) def. Rimgkampf (Axel Dieter Jr, WALTER & Timothy Thatcher)

Dunne hit WALTER with the World Title belt while the referee was distracted and an unconsious Seven pinned a knocked out WALTER.

Also earlier that night, TK Cooper and Dahlia Black said goodbye to Progress Wrestling and were promised a tag team title match anywhere in the world. Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven all came out and crashed the farewell party and attacked TK Cooper and Travis Banks. Trent put TK’s ankle between a chair and did a con-chair-to to his ankle leaving TK limping in his return to the stage. Will this be the last time we see The South Pacific Power Trip in action against British Strong Stlye? We shall see…… Stay tuned!

Pete Dunne uses child as weapon in match!

Pete Dunne took a page out of The Young Bucks playbook Friday during a match … only instead of superkicking a child, the wrestler used one as a weapon.

Dunne faced-off against Joe Coffey in Glasgow on Friday for Source Wrestling and the kid he used looked more than excited to be hurled like a battering ram for The Bruiserweight.

Pete then tossed the kid around a little and even teased throwing him back into the crowd.

The 23-year-old tweeted afterward saying, “Threw a child at @Joe_Coffey and bit/got bitten by a referee. All in a nights work!”

Watch the awesome video below.

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