Results: Lucha Forever- August 29, 2017- Debut of The Bruiserwolf!!

Frog and Bucket- Manchester- On the August 29,2017 edition of Lucha Forever Chris Brookes of the tag team CCK made and announcement in the ring that his wolvie sidekick Kid Lykos would be unable to compete in their match against Aussie Open Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis and issued an open invitation for his replacement. That replacement would be none other than The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne!! Chris then told Pete that it just wouldn’t work out that he was his partner and Kid Lykos led Pete back to the entrance way. After a long pause new music hits and Kid Lykos introduces the debut of The Bruiserwolf Pete Dunne now sporting look alike gear of Kid Lykos! The Bruiserwolf and Chris Brookes would go on to defeat Fletcher and Davis. A pretty nice replacement for The Kid dontcha think? I just wouldn’t dare tell The Bruiserwolf to not speak.

Below is video posted from the Lucha Forever Facebook page from the event.

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