Results- Progress “Bang the Drum”- Pete Dunne vs Mark Haskins vs Mark Andrews- Progress Title Match

O2 Ritz- London- We are back with your main event for “Bang The Drum” with Pete Dunne, Mark Haskins, and Mark Haskins. This match is for the Progress World Title. We have two competitors for Super Strong Style 16 in London in this match and a possible peek into the future Title match against Pete.

Before introductions could get over, Haskins and Pete had a shoving match which sent Pete to the outside of the ring. Order was finally restored and we get to our main event!

We are reminded that this is a no disqualification match which means pretty much anything goes. Pete shoved Andrews into some chairs and he used the ring apron as a weapon to drop Haskins on his back.

Later on in the match Pete had Haskins and Andrews both o thir knees in and Dunne fashion he bit the fingers of both Haskins and Andrews. British Strong Style members Tyler Bate and Trent Seven both came to the aide of Dunne and helped Pete in his match, which was quickly interrupted by Matthew Riddle. Riddle would not be successful in his attempt to help out Andrews and Haskins.

After 20 minutes Pete gained the win and retains the Progress Wrestling World Title.

After the match: Pete got on he microphone and claimed that Progress was his, the title was his, and the universe was his and that no one could be British Strong Style.

We hear music never heard before in the Ballroom and we have the debut of CCK, Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos and they attack British Strong Style and issue a challenge to them for the next chapter. Would British Strong Style accept? We shall find out!

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