Results: Progress “Bang The Drum”- Trent Seven vs Travis Banks

O2 Ritz, Manchester We are one week away from Super Strong Style 16 at the Electric Ballroom- London and with Travis Banks and Trent Seven already in the mix for the #1 contendership of the Progress Title we get a possible match for Super Strong Style in these two.

We start the match off quickly by a flying dive through the ropes by Travis and with some exchanges by the both of them outside the ring. They take their match into the crowd with a series of chops and kicks.

Trent tries to distract Travis by trying to throw a couple of chairs at him with no luck. Travis throws a chair at Trent with Trent thinking he foiled him and he is quickly kicked in the face by Travis using the chair. Trent chops Travis a few times but the last attempt was not as successful as Trent hits his hand on the exposed ring pole.

They both get in the ring with the match officially starting and the bell rings. A lot of quick and strong moves by both of them including a super kick off he top rope by Travis and a brutal clothesline by Trent. Travis also pulls off a pile driver from the top rope.

Trent wins this one by pinfall with a roll up by Travis’s tights in 12:31. Could we possibly see a rematch at Super Strong Style in London?

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