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Results: Lucha Forever- August 29, 2017- Debut of The Bruiserwolf!!

Frog and Bucket- Manchester- On the August 29,2017 edition of Lucha Forever Chris Brookes of the tag team CCK made and announcement in the ring that his wolvie sidekick Kid Lykos would be unable to compete in their match against Aussie Open Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis and issued an open invitation for his replacement. That replacement would be none other than The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne!! Chris then told Pete that it just wouldn’t work out that he was his partner and Kid Lykos led Pete back to the entrance way. After a long pause new music hits and Kid Lykos introduces the debut of The Bruiserwolf Pete Dunne now sporting look alike gear of Kid Lykos! The Bruiserwolf and Chris Brookes would go on to defeat Fletcher and Davis. A pretty nice replacement for The Kid dontcha think? I just wouldn’t dare tell The Bruiserwolf to not speak.

Below is video posted from the Lucha Forever Facebook page from the event.

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Results: Fight Club:Pro- London- August 26, 2017- 8 Way Scramble Match

Bush Hall-London Originally scheduled for this event, it was to be Pete Dunne vs Rey Fenix but due to a last minute scheduling conflict Fenix was unable to attend the event. But as they say “the show must go on..” Boy did it. They announced that he would be a part of an 8 man scramble match. The participants of this match we’re as follows:

1. Pete Dunne
2. Jack Sexsmith
3. Session Moth Martina
4. Jordan Devlin
5. Eddie Dennis
6. Milli McKenzie
7. Charli Evans
8. Lee Hunter

After an incredible match Pete was able to pick up the victory over Jordan Devlin.

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NXT Results- August 23, 2017- Pete Dunne, Wolfgang and The Debut of Moustache Mountain!!

Brooklyn, NY

Coming off the fall-out of WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne is joined by Wolfgang to team up against the debuting Moustache Mountainin Trent Seven and Tyler Bate. Prior to the match, Pete is shown backstage with Wolfgang. They were asked what it would mean to them to pick up a victory for the UK division. Pete exlaims that when he won the WWE UK Championship at WWE NXT Takeover: Chicago it was a turning point for the UK brand and that every time he wins the championship the brand gets stronger and stronger and that it truely belongs to the Brusierweight Pete Dunne. Wolfgang is quick to remind him that he is patiently waiting to take the crown from him and after they win the tag team match that he would be coming after the title. Pete tells Wolfgang not to get ahead of himself. Wolfgang nods and ends the segment.

On to the action!!

Pete Dunne w/ Wolfgang vs Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate): This is the main event for this weeks edition of NXT. The two teams got a HUGE reception from the lively New York crowd. Trent Seven is sporting a Moustache Mountain shirt. In 9:23 Pete Dunne and Wolfgang pick up the victory against Trent Seven and Tyler bate after Wolfgang successfully pulls of “The Howling after a blind tag and Tyler hits the UK Champion with his Tyler Driver 97.

Super Strong Style 16 Preivew- Seven vs Riddle

Electric Ballroom- London In a very strange but effective selection of the matches for the first round of Super Strong Style. We are getting a re-match from Progress: Orlando in Trent Seven vs Matt Riddle.

We had two unsuspecting non-wrestling fans put together matches simply based on how each competitor was drawn by one of the non-wrestling fans. You can watch the draw on the video below.

Special thanks to Glen Joseph– 1/3 of Progress Owners for posting this hilarious video! Stay tuned to for all the action from Super Strong Style 16!!!

Results: NXT Takeover Chicago- Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate- WWE UK Championship


Allstate Arena- Chicago, IL- We are just a day after the debut of the WWE UK WWE Networkshow. Where we had just learned that Pete Dunne would face Tyler Bate for the WWE UK Championship title at NXT Takeover Chicago after Pete won the #1 contendership for the title against Tyler’s Moustache Mountian partner Trent Seven.

To say that this match stole the show is saying the very least. The crowd was intense and loud. Chants of “UK! UK!” and “Bruiserweight!” could be heard outside the arena.

We also have a very special announcing team for the WWE Uk tournament as well in Niger McGuinness and “Good Ole” Jim Ross himself. They will continue to be the announcing team for the remainder of the WWE UK Show. You can watch the WWE UK show on the WWE Network.

Winner and NEW WWE UK Champion: Pete Dunne

We wont get into specifics about the match, we just encourage you to watch this incredible showing by the men of the WWE UK! You can do so by starting your FREE month of WWE Network by following the link below! It is also available on most android/apple devices as well!

WWE Network

Results- Progress “Bang the Drum”- Pete Dunne vs Mark Haskins vs Mark Andrews- Progress Title Match

O2 Ritz- London- We are back with your main event for “Bang The Drum” with Pete Dunne, Mark Haskins, and Mark Haskins. This match is for the Progress World Title. We have two competitors for Super Strong Style 16 in London in this match and a possible peek into the future Title match against Pete.

Before introductions could get over, Haskins and Pete had a shoving match which sent Pete to the outside of the ring. Order was finally restored and we get to our main event!

We are reminded that this is a no disqualification match which means pretty much anything goes. Pete shoved Andrews into some chairs and he used the ring apron as a weapon to drop Haskins on his back.

Later on in the match Pete had Haskins and Andrews both o thir knees in and Dunne fashion he bit the fingers of both Haskins and Andrews. British Strong Style members Tyler Bate and Trent Seven both came to the aide of Dunne and helped Pete in his match, which was quickly interrupted by Matthew Riddle. Riddle would not be successful in his attempt to help out Andrews and Haskins.

After 20 minutes Pete gained the win and retains the Progress Wrestling World Title.

After the match: Pete got on he microphone and claimed that Progress was his, the title was his, and the universe was his and that no one could be British Strong Style.

We hear music never heard before in the Ballroom and we have the debut of CCK, Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos and they attack British Strong Style and issue a challenge to them for the next chapter. Would British Strong Style accept? We shall find out!

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Results: Progress “Bang The Drum”- Trent Seven vs Travis Banks

O2 Ritz, Manchester We are one week away from Super Strong Style 16 at the Electric Ballroom- London and with Travis Banks and Trent Seven already in the mix for the #1 contendership of the Progress Title we get a possible match for Super Strong Style in these two.

We start the match off quickly by a flying dive through the ropes by Travis and with some exchanges by the both of them outside the ring. They take their match into the crowd with a series of chops and kicks.

Trent tries to distract Travis by trying to throw a couple of chairs at him with no luck. Travis throws a chair at Trent with Trent thinking he foiled him and he is quickly kicked in the face by Travis using the chair. Trent chops Travis a few times but the last attempt was not as successful as Trent hits his hand on the exposed ring pole.

They both get in the ring with the match officially starting and the bell rings. A lot of quick and strong moves by both of them including a super kick off he top rope by Travis and a brutal clothesline by Trent. Travis also pulls off a pile driver from the top rope.

Trent wins this one by pinfall with a roll up by Travis’s tights in 12:31. Could we possibly see a rematch at Super Strong Style in London?

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Results: Source Wrestling- Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey- April 29, 2017

Pearce Institute- Glascow– Pete Dunne and Joe Coffey met in singles action at the Pearce Institute. Pete and Joe traded blows, used the entire ballroom as a weapon, and even the referee tried to help Joe gain victory in this match. But unfortunately for Joe it was not enough to gain victory this time as Pete defeated Joe via Pinfall.

For more information and exclusive videos from this match Source Wrestling visit their Twitter page at the link below!

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